At Peerz Academy online safety is our key priority.

Peerz Academy is committed to the highest safeguarding standards.

Our site contains a number of built-in safeguarding features which aim to protect users and provide a secure online learning environment.

These features include:

  • All tutors are verified students in school 6th forms, colleges or universities. All tutors require a current and active educational email address to register.
  • We do not use online video or profile pictures of students (tutors or tutees). The collaborative learning platform uses avatars and first names. The Peerz online collaboration uses audio, chat and a collaborative whiteboard only.
  • All communications between tutors and tutees are only possible through the automated online booking system, which directly notifies a parent and school with the details of the tuition (time, date, lesson and tutor). The Peerz platform does not allow direct text communication outside of the recorded lesson.
  • All tutorials are recorded and are downloadable at the end of each tutorial by the tutee. These are stored and are accessible to schools and parents if required.
  • Our terms and conditions, alongside the tutor training on safeguarding, prohibit contact between tutors and tutees outside of the website.
  • All university tutors must obtain a DBS certificate prior to tutoring on the Peerz Academy platform, we keep a record of the DBS number for each tutor. 6th form tutors are able to be recruited by schools and verified within their school, however these will not be able to tutor outside of their own school environment unless they have a valid DBS.
  • We complete random live monitoring of lessons by Peerz Academy management.
  • Our management have a valid DBS and child protection level 1 and 2 training.
  • Every session collects feedback from tutors and tutees, this feedback is available on the reporting feature for parents and schools.
  • Finally, our website has a link to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre).